Bicycling—it’s a balancing act. It’s about community involvement and self-reliance. It’s equal parts sport, recreation and transportation. It’s civilization meets Mother Nature. It’s sharing the road with motorists, taking a lane and yielding the right of way. It’s holding your tongue at an angry driver and letting your voice be heard at City Hall.

Bicyclists can keep their balance as long as they keep moving. Advocating for the rights of bicyclists requires that same forward momentum, from the grassroots level all the way to Sacramento.

Everyone from recreational cyclists to racers, commuters to bicycle attorneys has a stake in the advancement of the bicycle culture. This includes educating cyclists and motorists about the legal rights of bicyclists and obligations inherent in using public roadways.

The rubber continues to meet the road when it comes to bicycling justice. Enthusiasts have made great strides in promoting cycling, such as using legal bicycling resources at their disposal to advance change, and utilizing their creative and technical skills to increase bicycling safety. The road may be a long one, but what a beautiful ride.


Howard D. Krepack Fund



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